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Learning to Pray: A Journey in the Psalms

Jun 18, 2018   //   by Wade   //   Sermons  //  No Comments

Summer Series: Worship at 10am — ONE Service — through September 2

When it comes to prayer, many of us wonder: am I doing it right? Are my prayers acceptable? Do I pray about the right things, in the right ways? What is prayer supposed to sound like? Jesus and his contemporaries turned to the Book of Psalms as a foundation for prayer, finding in the Psalms a rich testimony of what a prayer-saturated life sounds like. Join us this summer as we follow Jesus’ lead, allowing the Psalms to shape our lives of prayer as we explore what it means to live life in dialogue with our Maker!





The Unexpected Jesus

Apr 3, 2018   //   by Wade   //   Sermons  //  No Comments

  • Peace-loving guru?
  • Enlightened sage?
  • Social revolutionary?
  • Pious preacher?

Who is this Jesus we serve?
Does the real Jesus fit the profile we’ve created for him?
Do we see him as he is, or only as we want him to be?

When we look closely at the gospel accounts, we find
a Jesus who doesn’t fit neatly into the boxes we try
to put him in. Only when we lay down our biases and
bow before the real Jesus can we discover his
transforming power.

Join us for a challenging, up-close look at our surprising Savior!

Spring 2018 Sermon Series: April 15-June 10

The Shape of Redemption

Feb 11, 2018   //   by Wade   //   Sermons  //  No Comments

We call Jesus “Redeemer,” but what does that really mean? Long before the coming of Christ, God began to lay the groundwork for redemption in the lives of his people, weaving stories and images into the history of Israel that point forward to the work Christ would do on the cross. This Lenten season, as we prepare for Holy Week, we will trace this pattern of redemption, seeking a deeper understanding of all that Christ accomplished when he went to the cross for us. We will discover that from its very beginning, the story of scripture is a message of redemption, leading us straight to Calvary, the tomb, and the glory of Easter! Read More »

1 Corinthians: Embracing Community

Sep 5, 2017   //   by Wade   //   Sermons  //  No Comments

Our current scripture focus is the book of I Corinthians. No other New Testament book speaks as powerfully to both the importance, and the challenge, of Christian community. Paul’s letter reveals just how messy and conflicted the Corinthian congregation often was.

Rather than sugarcoat these realities, Paul helps us see the genius of God’s design for church: in the midst of the mess, we get softened and shaped, humbled and held, in such a way that our character becomes more like that of Christ. Just as a rock tossed into a tumbler with a bunch of other rocks gets knocked around, only to emerge polished and perfected, so our fellowship becomes a “gospel tumbler” in which we can become our best and most beautiful selves.
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Fruit of the Spirit

Jun 30, 2017   //   by Wade   //   Sermons  //  No Comments

Summer Fruit Sermon Series. “Quit trying so hard!” This was my buddy’s thoughtful advice as I flailed my arms back and forth trying to get line to spool from my fly reel. “Stop thrashing! Let the equipment do the work.” Fly fishing, like Flyfishingmany physical endeavors, is less about making something happen than about learning to allow it to happen: tilt the rod back, release forward, and the line simply spools out – the less effort, the better the outcome. Read More »

Why Read the Bible? : Connect the Dots

Sep 11, 2016   //   by Wade   //   Sermons  //  No Comments

connect-the-dots“Connect the Dots”  Sermon Series  with Weekly Bible Readings

Read Your Bible!!  This reading guide traces the main events, themes and characters in the Bible from start to finish.  Readings will be discussed and addressed in weekly class sessions (Sundays, 9:30 and 11) and explored in the Sunday sermon.

The Bible has a storied history.  Martyrs have died to uphold it. Missionaries spend their lives translating it into obscure tribal dialects.  “Your word is better to me” says the Psalmist “than thousands of gold and silver pieces.” (Ps. 119). The importance and value of God’s written word is hard to overstate. Read More »

I am. (because) He is. – exploring our God-given identity

Jun 25, 2016   //   by Wade   //   Sermons  //  No Comments


Who am I?  What is my identity?  It’s impossible to answer these questions apart from the relationships that define our lives: the people we come from, the people we live with, the people we serve.  We know who we are only through relationship.  And behind all of our human relationships stands one great, primary relationship: our relationship to our Maker.  When we start to ask “who am I?” we stand before an even deeper question: who is God?  And who am I, in relationship to him? Read More »

David: Learning the Shape of a Godly Heart

Apr 3, 2016   //   by Wade   //   Sermons  //  No Comments


I once asked a respected pastor friend how he plans out his preaching. He said “I try to make sure that someone attending regularly over a five year period would be exposed to the whole story of scripture, Old and New Testaments.” I have been heeding his advice ever since.

You cannot grasp the story of scripture without a good sense of its primary characters, and David is close to the top of the list. The reign of King David was the pinnacle of Israel’s history. His career shows us both the enormous possibilities and the devastating weaknesses of human power. To meet King David is to meet a “man after God’s own heart” (I Sam. 13:14). But David’s weaknesses ultimately pave the way for the coming of a greater King – the “son of David,” Jesus himself. Read More »

Encounters on the Way

Jan 13, 2016   //   by Jeremy   //   Sermons  //  No Comments

OnTheWayThe final days of Jesus’ life took the form of a journey. Jesus, having spent several years ministering throughout Judea and Samaria, reached a decisive moment: the time to “set his face toward Jerusalem.” He knew what he would find there: hostile authorities, calloused Romans, and the Cross. Yet he chose to go, and he didn’t look back.
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Trust at the Core…

Dec 12, 2015   //   by Wade   //   Sermons  //  No Comments


jehova JirehOrganizations (including the church!) need guiding values – the set of bedrock principles upon which everything else rests: the way we conduct business, the decisions we make, the priorities we choose.  The core values in place here at Oak Hills are grounded in scripture and prayerful discernment, and therefore capable of guiding our church into health and faithfulness for the long haul.

But there’s a danger: any set of values can easily become a carefully worded dust-gatherer, sitting on a shelf, totally removed from the day to day life of the church and its people.  Values – even good ones – only help us if we put them into practice!  Step one is to know our values, and to think through what they mean for us, both individually and corporately. Read More »